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Aneel Chima

Aneel Chima, Ph.D., cofounder and managing partner of AT THE CORE, specializes in facilitating actualization through enhancing the emotional, social, and neurophysiological drivers of optimal team and leadership performance. His work harnesses powerful insights from the academic research sphere and applies them to solving tactical and strategic challenges confronting organizations in a complex, asymmetric world.

In academia, Aneel is the associate director of Health and Human Performance at Stanford University. His core interests exist at the intersection of the science of wellbeing, leadership praxis, and transformative technology studies. The questions animating his teaching, research, and social impact work are: What is the future of human flourishing in a hyper-complex, ever-accelerating cultural context where technology is ubiquitous? How do we practice flourishing authentically, propagate it effectively, and create vibrant, inclusive communities that ignite it?

Outside of professional endeavors, Aneel is passionate about using psychological insights to affect sustainable social change. Currently, he serves on the Board of Trustees of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and of Consciousness Hacking, a global community exploring technology as a catalyst for human transformation. He is former chair of the board of directors of the Veteran, Immigrant, and Refugee Trauma Institute of Sacramento (VIRTIS) where he helped oversee partnerships with the UC Global Health Initiative and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Previously, he served on the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Board of Trustees and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology Board of Directors. Before re-specializing in the field of psychology, he was an award-winning physics and mathematics educator at Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas, CA where the SUHS District Trustees recognized his teaching excellence.

Upon completion of his doctorate, Aneel was administrative and teaching fellow in the Stanford University Wellness Education Project and WellnessEd. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and a B.A., with honors, in consciousness studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He lives in Palo Alto, CA, which joyfully affords him access to the many beautiful hiking trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains and a year-around bounty of fresh farmers' market produce to fuel his (sometimes successful) culinary experimentation.



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Julie Forbes

Julie Forbes, cofounder and managing partner of AT THE CORE, specializes in facilitating actualization processes that support groups, teams, individuals, and organizations in accessing and deepening their resources, thereby creating more effective behaviors and higher performance. She synthesizes new possibilities with existing core strengths to help her clients focus their visions and actualize their potentials. Her non-profit and for-profit business work experience includes strategic development, executive leadership training, organizational transformation, team building, group facilitation, and product innovation. She is also ardent about the intersection of business and consciousness and the transformative power this interplay delivers. 

Julie is passionate about facilitating groups and delivering trainings with high impact that empower people to become the best versions of themselves possible. Her work with cross-functional teams and stakeholder groups, boards, task-forces, committees, project teams, private and academic leadership groups takes a variety of forms. These have included Women in Management at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, the Interpersonal Dynamics Group in the Business Psychology bachelors program at Palo Alto University, and Women in Management Silicon Valley, a peer mentoring group for women managers, directors, and executives. 

In addition to her work with AT THE CORE, Julie works internationally delivering coaching, facilitation, and training engagements to corporate, non-profit, and government clients. She excels in strategy and development and in delivering scalable solutions that meet the core needs of organizations ranging from large-scale multi-nationals to mid and small-sized businesses. She has held positions in management in various industries. Formerly, she was the Product & Market Development Director for the New Teacher Center (NTC) at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where her work impacted educational mentorship programs nationwide. In particular, she convened conversations among policy-makers, thought leaders, and educators, shaped strategies, and created tools allowing these stakeholders to access evidence-based solutions for solving state and district educational challenges.

Julie attended Columbia and Cabrillo colleges where she studied literature, art, and psychology. Currently, she resides in Santa Cruz, CA, which allows her to savor the sounds of the ocean while gazing at the redwood-lined mountains.