Why work with At The Core?

Dear Potential Client,

Choosing the right people to help facilitate actualization and growth with you, your team, and your organization is an important matter. Because this decision matters, we want you to get a sense of who we are and the type of clients with whom we work.


You want to create high functioning teams and leaders focused on generating insights and implementing transformational solutions.

You want more. You want to out-think, out-behave, and out-innovate your organization's tendency towards "business as usual." You're willing to engage with the depth necessary to get there. 

You want to actualize tactical and strategic breakthroughs, vision ownership, and the mindset that drives solutions to complex challenges while enhancing creativity and innovation capacities.  

You want to clarify and actualize the possibilities that you see for your people and imagine for your organization.

You want more vibrance, sustainability, and thriving.

You want more impactful and self-aware leaders, teams, and an organization that shapes your world.


AT THE CORE is radically relational, solution focused, and client centered. We custom tailor our approach to exceed your needs.

Our work hinges on facilitating you and your team into a COREspace that transcends your organization's "business as usual." This space, found at the core of you as a leader and the yet-to-be tapped core of your organization, is where actualization unfolds.

We don't simulate experiences; we bring authentic experiences alive in the room and work with them directly.

Translating cutting-edge research from the applied neuroscience of resilience and optimal performance, organizational behavior, and positive psychology into action, our work together drives you and your organization to actualize your abilities.

Please scroll down to read more about our signature engagement methods—team, organizational, and leadership COREsolutions, plus TeamGroups, MasterMind groups—and click on LEARN MORE to set-up a conversation with us.


Aneel and Julie

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CORE.SOlutions - Teams & groups

Optimizing Performance. Facilitating Alignment. Enhancing Innovation.   

We create custom solutions consisting of team and group facilitation, training, inquiry, and visioning processes.

Performance - Our solutions optimize team performance by building communication skills, enhancing collaboration, and increasing effectiveness.

Alignment - We facilitate alignment by deepening interpersonal understanding, leveraging differences and diversity as strengths, and finding synergy among the variety of mental maps and work styles present.

Innovation - We drive innovation through designing the social architecture that ignites, builds, and sustains creativity, then help groups translate this energy into increased impact.

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CORE.solutions - leaders & individuals

Increasing Insight. Developing Talent. Inspiring Resonance. 

We help develop outstanding leaders through individualized assessment, coaching, and training that incorporates the latest research findings in psychology, neuroscience, and business thought leadership.

Resonance & Insight - Our processes increase interpersonal and personal insight, inspiring leadership resonance through increased leadership EQ and IQ.

Talent Development - We help leaders develop the talent of their key performers and teams by providing a focused set of skills for actualizing potential.

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CORE.solutions - Organizations & Large Groups

Articulating Identity. Shaping Strategy. Convening Conversation.

Conversations & Inquiry - We facilitate conversations that matter. Specifically, our processes emerge the group's best thinking in service of clarifying its larger vision, then translating this vision into reality. Transformative conversations and inquiries occur when skillful facilitation empowers people to ask the right questions at the right time, listen deeply for insights, and transform their epiphanies into actions.

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AT THE CORE TeamGroup processes facilitate personal and team actualization through deep inquiry, authentic communication, and experiential immersion. TeamGroups are unique among team and leadership training formats because they replicate real world interpersonal dynamics that teams and individuals face day-to-day in their working and personal environments. Through skilled facilitation and practice, TeamGroups catalyze personal and interpersonal development, intensify integration between learning and practice, and accelerate transformation of leaders and teams.

From the ATC TeamGroup perspective, teams are like-purposed individuals convening in support of co-learning and individual and group transformation. TeamGroups are open to either pre-existing teams who go through the process together or like-purposed individuals, not yet known to each other, coming together to actualize their potentials.

AT THE CORE TeamGroups, inspired by the ground-breaking T-Group model of Dr. Kurt Lewin and used successfully in multiple environments from Fortune 100 companies to leading business schools, represent the evolution of this model, integrating it with the cutting-edge fields of interpersonal neurobiology and applied positive psychology.



AT THE CORE MasterMind groups are comprised of highly accomplished, motivated, and committed leaders coming together, over an extended period of time, into a dynamic and powerful environment of self-discovery and growth. This facilitated environment—the COREspace—empowers master practitioners to leverage their collective intelligence in service of solving problems and generating insights that catalyze individual and organizational actualization.

In essence, MasterMind groups create synergy, a transformative state where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Harnessing this synergy through designed processes, MasterMind participants support and challenge each other to excel in both business and personal spheres. The power of the COREspace emerges when skillful facilitation meets courageous participant authenticity, resulting in transformational experiential immersion.

AT THE CORE MasterMind groups are not primarily coaching sessions, classes, or networking endeavors, though elements of all three are present. Rather, at their cores, they are facilitated environments—COREspaces—where master practitioners from a range of disciplines commit to transformational peer-to-peer learning, leadership excellence, and actualization—for teams, leaders, and organizations.