We collaborate with our clients to craft custom solutions that actualize their core potentials.

Partial list of Current and Previous Clients

Client Testimonials

“Julie’s capacity to feel through the surface of topics, problems, and strategic plans while properly naming and labeling her findings is simply amazing. The plans and strategies she develops focus on reaching the next level and exceeding it, both in the desired organizational outcomes and developing the people involved and effected. My worldwide project for a global player in the chemicals industry would have not worked as well as it does now, by far, without her contributions. Having her as consultant and trainer is an honor and a huge benefit.”

Ruediger Fleisch, M.Sc., MD. Principal. Fleisch & Partner.

“Aneel is a ‘transformation enabler.’ He provided our people with the scientific knowledge and key resources for optimal performance at the organizational, professional, and personal level. His mix of expertise and people skills is of high value for any group or individual. I am personally incorporating his ideas into my every day life and am constantly satisfied by the positive results and peace of mind.”

Gerardo Cervantes. Director of Stakeholder Management. Endeavor.

“As an entrepreneur, I had been working for over a year on a business venture and I was stuck. I had the expertise, a good reputation, business development training, and more. Yet, I had trouble wrapping my brain around all that I knew and actually moving forward to make it happen. Julie engaged me in a process that was designed just for me. Her years of experience and expertise, combined with insight, creativity, and razor-sharp focus served me well. She was able to see my expertise, skills, and unique strengths. More than that, she helped me ‘own it.’ She also helped me create a framework and business model that I’m excited about. My business launched thanks to the advance work, guidance, and confidence that Julie offered me. Without Julie, this would not have happened. I am most grateful.”

Tricia Dell. Founder and Principal. Forward Thinking Fundraising.

"Aneel brings his full human capacity and heart for empathy, equity, and justice to his work.  We have worked together across a range of projects in education, finance, and community development. His collaborations with Lyceum Partners + design continues to inform our practice of creating 'delightfully crafted results' for our client partners. " 

Reynolds-Anthony Harris. Founder and Managing Director. Lyceum Partners + design.

“Thanks to Julie’s ability to facilitate open discussion, we were able to explore our own best ways to deal with challenges and to appreciate everything in life. Through the depth of these conversations, I learned so much about myself and how I should react to events that happen around me.”

Didi Huang. Senior Director of Marketing Operations. eBay.